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NASSAU, BAHAMAS Doctors Hospital has depriortized its medical tourism program and is now more keenly focused on incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare services.

Dr Charles Diggiss, Doctors Hospital Health System president, revealed the shift during a press conference to promote the 2020 Bahamas Business Outlook conference at Baha Mar next Thursday.

When you look at whats happening around us globally with the advances in technology its no surprise that the way companies leverage data becomes a game changer if they are able to leverage the data using artificial intelligence or machine learning, Diggiss said.

In healthcare, what makes it tremendously exciting for us is we are able to sensorize all of the devices in the healthcare space, get much more information, use that information to tell us a lot more about what we should be doing and considering in your diagnosis.

He continued: How can we get information real time that would influence the way we manage your conditions, how can we have on the backend the assimilation of this information so that the best outcome occurs in our patient care environment.

Diggiss noted while the BISX-listed healthcare provider is still involved in medical tourism, that no longer is a primary focus.

We still have a business line of medical tourism but one of the things we do know pretty quickly in Doctors Hospital is to deprioritize if its apparent that that is not a successful ay to go, he said.

We have looked more at taking our specialities up a notch and investing in the technology support of the specialities with the leadership of some significant Bahamian specialists abroad, inviting them to come back home.

He added: We have depriortized medical tourism even though we still have a fairly robust programme going on at our Blake Road facility featuring two lines, a stem cell line a fecal microbiotic line.

They are both doing quite well but we are not putting a lot of effort into that right now compared to the aforementioned.

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Doctor's Hospital focused on incorporation of AI and machine learning - EyeWitness News

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