Cancer survivor follows his dream of launching a craft beer business

JEHAD HATU has had chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant and a 13-hour operation during his two-year cancer fight.

But the 26-year-old says living with stage three testicular cancer has not left him disheartened. Instead, it has given him the push to follow his dreams of launching a craft beer business. When the Evening times first told Jehad's story in November 2012, he had just completed a course of chemotherapy and was preparing for surgery.

However, the former bar and restaurant worker's health deteriorated and medics feared he would never recover.

Jehad, who lives in Glasgow's South Side, said: "It's just one of those things. Sometimes life throws you an unexpected curveball."

After four months of lower back-ache, he was diagnosed in August 2012 with the illness, which had spread to his lymph nodes, his liver, his intestines and his lungs . Following his second chemotherapy course he underwent a stem cell transplant, and last october doctors performed surgery to remove the tumours from his body.

the surgery was supposed to last seven hours - but he was under the knife for nearly 13 hours after doctors discovered there were more lumps than they thought.

Some tumours were too close to his nervous system or in risky locations, like his lungs, and could not be taken out.

"When they went inside and looked at some tumours they were too close to certain nerves," Jehad said.

"So they had to get some other experts from different fields in the hospital to come in and look at them and make a decision right then and there.

"Plus, I think there were more tumours than they had expected. they didn't see them on the scan."

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Cancer survivor follows his dream of launching a craft beer business

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