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Using the latest regenerative medicine technology, at NSI Stem Cell, its our mission to improve the quality and quantity of the lives of our patients while avoiding invasive surgical techniques and harmful medications.

If your house is on fire, you call the fire department. However, you dont call the fire department to come and rebuild the damaged areas of your house. The same is true when living with chronic illness and injury. For crisis situations, different types of medication may be necessary, but medicine alone will not truly fix the problem. Instead, depending on your condition, its important to incorporate a variety of remedies including: diet, exercise, physical therapy and in some cases stem cell therapy.

Using the latest regenerative medicine technology, at NSI Stem Cell, its our mission to improve the quality and quantity of the lives of our patients while avoiding invasive surgical techniques and harmful medications.

We are home to doctors and clinicians that are seasoned, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping patients. We work hard to provide seamless, safe and effective care for each patient that walks through our doors with the most advanced technology available to reverse disease, repair tissue, and promote health.

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We know you have many choices when it comes to stem cell centers, so why choose NSI Stem Cell? First, we provide extensive patient education. The honesty and education that we give empower our patients to make informed decisions that will benefit them and their health the most.

Chances are, youve seen numerous doctors and from that, have had no real success in alleviating pain and restoring function. At NSI Stem Cell, we know the importance of finding someone that not only understands your medical journey, but provides the very best individualized care possible.

During your first visit to NSI Stem Cell, our doctors will provide a physical exam as well as go over the patients in-depth medical history. Additionally, the patients desires and expected outcomes can be discussed at length. Our medical team will spend as much time as necessary with each patient in order to ensure a proper diagnosis as well as educate the patient thoroughly on their condition as well as their available options.

NSI Stem Cell Services Include:

Stem Cell Therapy Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Blood Injection Therapy Functional Rehabilitation Nutritional Counseling

Because our consultations are done on an individual level, we are able to create precise programs such as a combination of the services listed above to help you regain function and return to everyday activities.

What I like about the [NSI Stem Cell] office is the professionalism, the care, the support, the answers to my questions and the continuing help whenever I need it. Leah

Over the last four years I have been suffering from pain, burning, numbness to the point where I couldnt get out of bed, couldnt function, couldnt work. Through all the many doctors that I visited over the years they gave me all kinds of medications where I had terrible reactions from them, ended up in the hospital and I couldnt function anymore. When I finally came to NSI, they gave me a program, and I felt wonderful. All my pain, all my numbness has disappeared. Im off all kinds of medications, Ive lost a lot of weight and I feel absolutely wonderful. Ths staff is awesome, the doctor is awesome, Im just so thankful that I found them. Connie

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How are stem cells used? Stem cells make it possible for the body to regenerate and heal itself after an injury or illness. When stem cells are harvested from the patient and injected back in, they heal damaged tissues and regenerate new healthy tissue. Better yet, because stem cells use your body to heal itself, they contain the building blocks for optimal health.

Stem cells are important because they are changing how patients heal from chronic illness and/or injury. Stem cells are also multi-potent meaning they have the ability to differentiate into muscle tendons, ligaments, bone, tissue and cartilage. They are key in helping a wound heal and/or repairing damage brought on by disease. Furthermore, unlike invasive surgeries, stem cell therapy has no recovery time.

The first successful cell transplantation happened in 1956, as Dr. E. Donnall Thomas performed the first successful bone marrow transplant between identical twins, where a healthy twin gave their bone marrow to the other twin who suffered from leukemia. The practice continued to evolve over the decades and in 2006, it was discovered that stem cells can be harvested from adult patients.

Stem cells are a naturally occurring cell type that can be found all throughout the human body. Adult stem cells are found in the bone marrow, but they are also abundantly stored in the fatty layer that lies just beneath the skin. In addition, stores of stem cells remain in the body throughout life. Bone marrow and adipose (fat) are the two most commonly used stem cells in stem cell therapy.

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