Top Northern Colorado Pain Management Doctors at Colorado Clinic Now Offering Stem Cell Procedures for Degenerative …

Boulder, Colorado (PRWEB) May 13, 2014

Colorado Clinic, the top pain management clinics in Greeley, Boulder and Loveland, is now offering nonoperative stem cell procedures to help relieve degenerative arthritis pain and avoid the need for joint replacement surgery. The procedures are offered by a Double Board Certified Colorado pain management doctor, with multiple options for the procedures. For more information and scheduling, call (303) 444-4141.

Currently in America there are over 1 million joint replacement procedures performed annually. This includes joint replacement for the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. While these procedures typically work very well, they are truly meant as a last resort option since there are several risks involved with the operation. One of the main risks is that the implants used in joint replacement are not meant to last forever and revision surgeries are much more complicated than the initial. Therefore, joint replacement should be avoided for as long as possible.

Stem cell procedures are cutting-edge and now mainstream for helping repair arthritic damage in joints and providing pain relief from arthritis. Dr. Brad Sisson is a highly qualified pain management doctor at Colorado Clinic, and performs the outpatient stem cell procedures with either amniotic derived or bone marrow derived stem cells.

The amniotic fluid is obtained from consenting donors after a scheduled C-section, and has been shown to have a very high concentration of stem cells. The fluid is processed at an FDA regulated lab and contains no embryonic stem cells or fetal material. This alleviates any ethical concerns.

The bone marrow derived stem cells are harvested from the patient, and then are immediately processed to concentrate the stem cells, growth factors and platelets to inject into the area being treated.

To date, small published studies have shown excellent benefits for degenerative arthritis with stem cell procedures. Dr. Sisson performs the regenerative medicine treatments as an outpatient, and there is minimal risk involved with either of the procedures.

Colorado Clinic has several pain management centers in Northern Colorado including Boulder, Greeley and Loveland. Patients are currently being accepted at all of the locations for the stem cell procedures. For more information and scheduling with pain management Boulder trusts, call (303) 444-4141.

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Top Northern Colorado Pain Management Doctors at Colorado Clinic Now Offering Stem Cell Procedures for Degenerative ...

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