The Aivee effect

Dr. Aivee Teos newest clinic combines multi-faceted skin typing with essential treatments to get The Aivee Glow

August 28, 2014The Aivee Clinic officially launches at the SM Mega Fashion Hall. After five years since opening her posh clinic at the Fort, Dr. Aivee Teo elevates her passion for advanced skin care technology and anti-aging treatments with the new clinic concept, The Aivee Clinic. The beauty hub couldnt have been in a better locationstationed alongside global fashion brands. Dr. Aivee Teo, one of the countrys most sought after dermatologists, after all, has as much passion for beauty as she has for fashion. Her success in the business of skin care is widely known, and as a fashion lover, she has constantly been on best-dressed lists. Beauty and fashion truly go hand in hand.

What started out as a practice in the pursuit of beauty, one that thrived purely on word of mouth, has inevitably made Dr. Aivee as one of the major players in the industry. Getting healthy, blemish-free, and luminous skin using non-invasive or minimally invasive methods has always been her technique. And she continues to push the standards with a full integration of beauty and wellness with The Aivee Group.


What is The Aivee Glow? Its a signature look defined as a luminous, radiant, and natural beauty that transcends external perfection. With the new clinic, Dr. Aivee strengthens the four pillars of The Aivee Group: The Aivee Institute (first class center for advanced dermatology, cosmetic surgery, hair restoration, and aesthetic stem cell therapy), Stemcare Institute (premiere center for pain and regenerative medicine using fat stem cells), Aivee Skin Science (research center for developing cosmeceutical and nutriceutical products) and now, The Aivee Clinic (skin-focused approach for no-downtime treatments). The Aivee Group is one well-oiled machine, with all its parts complementing each other toward a holistic beauty goal.


Its no secret that the husband and wife partnership of Dr. Z and Aivee Teo, their love and commitment for each other and their field, has brought them happiness and success. From surviving a long-distance relationship, shuffling back and forth Manila and Singapore to attend to their respective clinics, and always pursuing new ways to rejuvenate skin and provide a sense of well-being. All this while keeping their children close by and rarely being separate from each other. And if youve ever had the privilege of interviewing them together, they really finish each others sentences. Whether thats about their practice or about how they commit to make everything work for their family and business.

This dynamic duo established their anti-aging institute over a decade ago, utilizing maintenance procedures, non-invasive lasers, cutting edge technology such as stem cell therapy and liquid face lifts, and cosmetic surgery. The awareness of the growing needs of their patients and their recent travels to the US and Europe brought them to a new realization. With patients requesting for dramatic makeover programs, twice-a-year rejuvenation therapies and innovative treatments with the least amount or no downtime, SmartSkin became the clear answer as the way to move forward.

The SmartSkin Typing concept is a multi-faceted system with a digital tailor-made evaluation of the skin. By assessing and categorizing skin as oily or dry, sensitive or resistant, pigmented or non-pigmented, wrinkled or tight, you come up with a very specific skin type. From this, a highly customized skin treatment can easily be made. In keeping with the holistic approach, skin experts at The Aivee Clinic can then set the appropriate treatment programprocedures, health supplements, and skin careto achieve that healthy glow.


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The Aivee effect

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