Stem cell clinic for 4 year old

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CAMBRIDGE The courageous fight of four-year-old Katie Herron is continuing at Torontos SickKids where she continues to undergo chemotherapy in hopes that a stem cell match can be found for a life-saving transplant.

Here in Cambridge, friends and family members are spreading the message for Katies Kure, in preparation for a stem cell donor clinic next Saturday, Feb. 22, at the Cambridge Sports Park.

There are now over 1,000 people going on our Facebook page (Katies Kure) with a great number of people registering online with that are unable to attend the actual donor drive, said her mother, Anne Hodgkinson, in an email.

We are absolutely overwhelmed with the support we are receiving from the community. Support not just for Katie and our family, but support in helping us get the information on stem cell donation out there.

Parents at Coronation Public School where Katie started junior kindergarten in September have distributed flyers across the city along with pink and green stars. Green represents stem cell donation and pink, Katies favourite colour, represents her journey.

Katie enjoys seeing pictures of all the stars put up around Cambridge, and it is a wonderful feeling for her to know that there are so many people thinking and praying for her back home, her mother says.

The youngsters mettle has been tested in recent weeks.

Last Thursday, she and her family were still in Hamilton at McMaster Childrens Hospital awaiting an MRI and other sedated testing for a critical bacterial infection shes fighting. Just after 11 a.m., they were given the news that SickKids had a bed available and Katie would be moved that day.

According to her mother, the whole ordeal has left Katie fragile, emotionally as well as physically. Shes still on a feeding tube, unable to walk, but is now undergoing physiotherapy, hoping to get her dancing feet back.

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Stem cell clinic for 4 year old

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