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What Are Stem Cells?

The cells in your body have an amazing ability to transform into different types of tissues as required. Some may specialize as muscles, tendons, nerve tissue, or bone. Stem cells are a special type of cell that hasnt specialized yet. These cells are essentially a blank slate, capable of turning into a large number of body tissues.

By harvesting stem cells from your own body, doctors can program these tiny building blocks to become the exact type of tissue you need to heal an injury, be it cartilage for your joints or muscle proteins for repairs.

The first step is to harvest stem cells that are autologous or come from your own body. Bone marrow and fatty adipose tissue contain the largest concentration of stem cells in adults. Once doctors have the correct amount of stem cells, they inject these natural healing factors into the site of your injury along with your blood platelets. This activates the stem cells, causing them to start regenerating damaged tissue.

The possibilities of stem cells for regeneration and repair are virtually limitless, but their effects are especially desirable in areas of the body that were previously believed to be impossible to regenerate, such as cartilage. Here a few situations where stem cell therapy can make a significant difference:

There are a number of reasons why stem cell therapy is so desirable for injury and disease treatment:

At National Stem Cell Clinic (NSCC), we stay at the cutting edge of stem cell treatment. Here are two excellent treatment possibilities using autologous stem cells.

As a high-tech medical care clinic with top surgeons with extensive experience in cutting-edge medical treatments, we offer the most advanced regenerative tissue therapy available. At National Stem Cell Clinic, our expert physicians explain all treatment options available to you, as well as the benefits of each for reaching your personal recovery goals.

With an astonishing 95 percent success rate, we can help athletes make a quick recovery and keep going strong in their career. Stem cell therapy can also provide lasting pain relief for people with arthritis or other chronic pain conditions. To schedule an appointment or request additional information, reach out to us by phone or online.

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National Stem Cell Clinic: Stem Cell Therapy in Miami …