Metro Dog Recovers from Stem Cell Surgery

STANLEY, Kan. FOX 4 first introduced you to Jake the dog on Valentines day. At almost 12-years-old the yellow lab was having trouble getting around and his family wanted to help. They paid $1,800 for stem cell therapy at the Stanley Veterinary Clinic.

Did it work? FOX 4 tagged along for Jakes two month check up to see. The jury is still out from some veterinariansabout the benefit of stem cell therapy for animals. Dr. James L. Cook at the University of Missouri saysthere are other injections that cost much lessthat get the same results.

But Jakes vet and his owner saythe stem cell therapymade a world of difference for him. In February, when we first met Jake, he had trouble getting around andstanding up.But now after the stem cells were harvested fromJakeand then re-injected into his hips, knees, elbow and shoulder, he appears to be moving much easier.

Before on a slick surface he was very reluctant to move around or get up because he was afraid he was going to slip and hurt himself, Dr. Les Pelfrey with the Stanley Veterinary Clinic says. Now, he hops right up and moves about and goes on walks so his quality of life has improved.

Jakes owner also says the dog is offdaily pain medication and calls the therapy, money well spent.

Hes enjoying his life and thats most important, Jakes owner, Elizabeth LeBlanc says. I would do it again.

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Metro Dog Recovers from Stem Cell Surgery

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