Joseph Estrada defies age, shares how he did it: Stem cell therapy

By Cathy C. Yamsuan Philippine Daily Inquirer

Former President Joseph Erap Estrada had always maintained that giving generously to friends and forgiving opponents are the secrets to staying young.

But time has a way of catching up with even the most formidable leading men.

Since he entered national politics 25 years ago, Estrada has struggled with the attributes of old ageweight gain, a painful knee here, a cataract there.

He needed some kind of elixir of youth to put to right what nature has put asunder. And to get back on his feet in time to serve the people, he said which has no age limit.

So he did it, and is very open about it. What is it?

At the prodding of friends, the 75-year-old Estrada flew to Frankfurt, Germany, last month to undergo fresh cell therapy (also known as stem cell treatment), an innovative albeit controversial procedure where fresh cells from donor animals are injected into the human body to treat diseases or reverse the aging process.

Fresh cell therapy operates under the principle of like heals like.

The fresh cells from a donor animals organ are infused into the human counterpart.

Substances in the donors blood are supposed to reactivate the human bodys immune system and defense mechanism, a reaction that would eventually rebuild and revitalize aging tissues.

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Joseph Estrada defies age, shares how he did it: Stem cell therapy

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