Four Ohio High School Seniors Awarded BioOhio STEM Scholarship


Four Ohio high school seniors have been awarded the 2012 BioOhio Scholarship, designed to encourage and advance bioscience-related STEM education and career interests in Ohio. BioOhio received 345 applications this year, compared to 194 applications in 2011.

This years recipients of the non-renewable $1,250 scholarships are:

To be considered for a scholarship, the student must live in Ohio, be a senior or senior-equivalent in good standing, and enroll at an Ohio college with plans to pursue a bioscience-related degree. Application evaluations emphasized letters of recommendation and an essay describing their interest in the bioscience field and how they will prepare for a bioscience career.

In her essay, Emily Harker expressed her vision, Maybe I will help discover a way to make a useable beating heart with induced pluripotent stem cells, or maybe I will discover a polymer that can be used to improve joint replacements.

Lauren Chens experience as a Cleveland Clinic medical laboratory intern helped bring her future into focus. Through this opportunity, she wrote, I connected my childhood passion for science with an increasing interest in cell biology research.

Vivek Chhabrias career outlook received a boost from his internship at BioOhio-member EXCMR. I witnessed the energy of the field, he said in his essay. I saw its potential, and it made me realize that with our population constantly increasingas well as its longevityunderstanding the enigmas of the medical world is going to be more important than ever.

During her sophomore year, Natasha Williamson lost her mother to lung and brain cancer. Nathasha said that her mothers passing has inspired her to be the first in her family to earn a college degree. I want to study the field of science and hopefully, one day, find a cure to cancer, she wrote.

A non-profit organization charged with accelerating bioscience business, research, and education throughout the state, BioOhio established the BioOhio Scholarship Fund in October 2009 with $15,000. This investment has been divided equally over the first three years of the scholarship fund, with plans on sustaining and increasing the fund through private, tax-deductible donations. Since 2010 the scholarship fund has received more than $9,400 in private contributions, $6,000 of which came from Hinckley, Ohio-based Clinical RM and the companys Making a Difference Initiative.

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Four Ohio High School Seniors Awarded BioOhio STEM Scholarship

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