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Welcome to Cell Therapy Clinic EmCell

Who We Are?

EmCell clinic is a medical center founded in 1994. In all these years, we treated thousands of patients from different countries and performed more than 6,000 transplantations of fetal stem cells. The treatment methods developed and used in the clinic helped to save and prolong our patients' lives, restore different organs and tissues and achieve positive results in treating diseases and conditions that were considered incurable.

EmCell professionals perform fetal stem cell treatment (in vivo), work out indications and contraindications for the treatment of severe acquired and genetic diseases caused by or resulting in cell count reduction. Moreover, our clinic performs treatment for a wide range of conditions, such as aging, climax, infertility, functional disorders of the internal organs and chronic fatigue syndrome.

All the methods of fetal stem cell treatment used at our clinic are its property and protected by the patents of Ukraine, Russia, the USA and other countries. At present, a number of patents on fetal stem cell application for different diseases and conditions treatment are pending in the patent offices of many countries.

BBC documentary called EmCell clinic the "Last Hope Clinic" because we treated and followed-up the most complicated clinical cases from all over the world.

During the years of intensive work, EmCell team won international acclaim in the field of research and clinical application of fetal stem cells. Our achievements were awarded a number of certificates of the international medical congresses and conferences. But the best award for EmCell clinic is successful treatment and recovery of our patients and their words of gratitude.

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Emcell | Stem Cell Treatments | Stem Cell Cost | Embryonic ...

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