Worlds first tendon replacement using Nanofiber and activated MediVet Stem Cell Fraction

Friesland, Netherlands (PRWEB) September 20, 2014

MediVet America and NanoFiber Veterinary combined stem cell technologies to perform a groundbreaking surgery at the specialized Wolvega Horse Clinic.

Due to a serious incident, the mare's superficial digital flexor tendon was ruptured 90% and her deep digital flexor tendon 50%. Typically, this kind of injury is a death sentence for a horse.

The clinic has performed numerous successful MediVet America stem cell treatments. This revolutionary regenerative option for ruptured tendons has only been performed once in the United States, but the results were very promising. Together with MediVet's European team, two 20 cm long Nanofiber replacement tendons where created and seeded with MediVets patented activated Stem Cell Fraction. These first generation stem cells allow for acute treatment in-clinic.

Dr.s Don van Winkel and Aart Schutrups, two equine surgeons, performed the breakthrough procedure. Once on the operating table, they found the injury worse than expected. Dr.s van Winkel and Schutrups successfully connected the scaffolds seeded with the mares own stem cells to the remaining threads of original tendons. The two replacement tendons serve as scaffolds for the stem cells that where harvested through a liposuction technique and then isolated using MediVets patented in-clinic stem cell isolation and activation technology. Within the next few months, the stem cells will regenerate the lost tissue along the 3D Nanofiber scaffolds and restore functional tendons. After nine months the Nanofiber scaffolds will have been broken down and replaced by functional tendons. The Nanofiber scaffolds can also be used for extensive internal and external wounds, tendon and ligament injuries, bone regeneration and more.

About MediVet America: MediVet is a global leader in veterinary regenerative medicine with over 1,000 clinics practicing this incredible technology in the US, Mexico, Canada and 28 other countries. Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, MediVet America develops advanced cellular treatments designed to maximize animal performance, repair, recovery and general wellness. MediVet America's Adipose-Derived Stem Cell procedure kit is a major scientific advancement in animal stem cell regenerative therapy that offers an affordable solution for owners of pets suffering from osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, ligament and cartilage injuries and similar ailments. MediVets global initiatives include providing veterinarians around the world access to novel treatments based in science at an affordable cost to owners.

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Worlds first tendon replacement using Nanofiber and activated MediVet Stem Cell Fraction

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