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COVID-19 has changed life as we know it.

There is no preventive vaccine or specific treatment available, according to the CDC.

Control measures and infection prevention should be implemented, and patients should receive supportive care, as needed.

Patients who have mild symptoms and seek advice should be advised to drink fluids, self-quarantine for 14 days, and take OTC medication for fever or other symptoms. They should also contact their doctor for further advice and guidance to see if a coronavirus test is available and/or needed.

Those with difficulty breathing or shortness of breath and high fevers should be seen and may be admitted into the hospital for oxygen. Some patients even need a ventilator. They should, if possible, first call their local emergency department for instruction.

All patients should focus on prevention and social distancing. These tips from the CDC are helpful.

Several pharmaceutical companies are racing to develop an effective treatment for the virus that is now a global pandemic. There are several classes of drugs in development, including antivirals, immunotherapies, vaccinations, as well as other investigational options. It is unknown whether a single drug could work or if a combination is needed, similar to HIV treatment. Below is a table outlining each area.

Note: corticosteroids should generally be avoided, because of their potential to prolong viral replication. In some cases, steroids may be indicated for other reasons.


Suzanne Soliman, PharmD, BCMAS, is the founder and president of the Pharmacist Moms Group.

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What Are Drug Prevention and Treatment Options for COVID-19? - Pharmacy Times

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