West Coast Stem Cell Clinic, TeleHealth, Now Offering Stem Cell Injections for Ligament Sprains

Orange County, CA (PRWEB) January 06, 2014

Top West Coast Stem Cell Clinic, TeleHealth, is now offering stem cell injections for ligament sprains. This includes injuries of the ankle, knee, wrist and other extremity joints. Board Certified doctors administer the outpatient injections which can help patients heal quicker than conventional treatments. For more information and scheduling, call (888) 828-4575.

In adults, ligament sprains can take months to heal due to limited blood supply and healing potential. This can keep athletes off the field and inhibit the ability of even recreational athletes to walk and run without pain.

Conventional pain relief treatments are able to provide pain relief. This may include steroid injections or anti-inflammatories by mouth. However, these treatments do not alter the course of the healing.

With the advent of regenerative medicine treatments, the potential exists for quicker healing. These treatments include fat or bone marrow derived stem cell injections along with platelet rich plasma therapy.

Platelet rich plasma therapy, known as PRP therapy, involves a simple blood draw from the patient. The blood is spun in a centrifuge, which concentrates the platelets and growth factors. These are then injected into the area of ligament injury.

With the fat or bone marrow derived stem cells, the material is harvested in an outpatient procedure from the patient. It is processed immediately to concentrate the patient's stem cells and then injected right away into the injured region.

Small published studies have shown the treatment to be very effective for healing the injuries faster than with conventional treatments. There is low risk involved, the treatments are outpatient and performed by highly experienced Board Certified doctors who have over twenty years combined experience in regenerative medicine treatments.

Along with the injections for ligament injury, stem cell injections are also offered for degenerative arthritis, rotator cuff injury, back and neck pain, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and more.

TeleHealth has two offices for treatment, one in Orange and a second in Upland, CA. Call (888) 828-4575 for more information and scheduling.

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West Coast Stem Cell Clinic, TeleHealth, Now Offering Stem Cell Injections for Ligament Sprains

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