ViaCord Releases 250th Cord Blood Stem Cell Unit


ViaCord, PerkinElmers family cord blood and tissue preservation business, announced today the release of its 250th umbilical cord blood stem cell unit for use in medical treatments and clinical trials. For nearly 20 years, ViaCord has released life-saving stem cells for disease therapies using a proven method of processing and cryopreserving cord blood. To date, ViaCord has released more units for use in medical treatments and clinical trialsthan any other family bank.

Reaching this milestone is a testament to our dedication to improving the quality of life for families, said Morey Kraus, Chief Scientific Officer, ViaCord. The benefits of cord blood banking are constantly evolving as research, some of which ViaCord has been instrumental in supporting, continues to expand the number of diseases treated. We are excited to continue to assist families who have chosen to bank their newborns stem cells.

Cord blood stem cells have been used in the treatment of nearly 80 diseases, and more than 30,000 treatments have been conducted worldwide using cord blood stem cells. ViaCord has released stem cells for the treatment of diseases ranging from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, thalassemia major and sickle cell disease. ViaCords 250th unit was used to treat a patient currently enrolled in the Duke Translational Medicine Institutes Cerebral Palsy Autologous Cord Blood clinical trial conducted at Duke University Medical Center. In this clinical trial, researchers are investigating the potential benefits of autologous reinfusion of cord blood stem cells for children with cerebral palsy.

ViaCord has preserved the umbilical cord stem cells of more than 300,000 newborns. ViaCords family cord blood and cord tissue services currently offer expectant families the opportunity to bank their baby's umbilical cord blood and tissue for potential medical use by the child or a related family member. Through its Sibling Connection Program, ViaCord also provides the opportunity for expectant parents, who have an eligible child in need of a transplant, to receive cord blood and cord tissue stem collection, processing and five years of storage, at no cost.

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ViaCord Releases 250th Cord Blood Stem Cell Unit

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