Treatment for Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy – Video

Treatment for Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy
is 2 years old. At birth she hardly cried. Her milestones were delayed after that. She couldn #39;t swallow anything for first 3 months and we had to use feeding tube. After that we took physiotherapy and she started swallowing. Her milestones were delayed. After starting the treatment it took about 6 -7 months for her to get the neck control. She was almost a year old, but could not roll over on her own, could not stand. We took Panchakarma treatment but there was no change in her. One of cousins had undergone stem cell therapy. He told us about NeuroGen. So we decided to bring her here for the treatment. We thought, we have already spent so much on other treatments, why not try this as well. After coming to NeurgoGen we underwent stem cell therapy and physiotherapy for 5 days after that. Within 5 days of physiotherapy we could see a lot of change. She started saying ,oh,oh. She started opening her mouth wider. Her leg muscles were more rigid and she tried to stand up. It was really quiet beneficial and there were no side effects, like vomiting, headache. We were really scared earlier. We were really scared about the operation, because she really too young. But it was a very nice experience here. Everything went well. All the staff members are very warm and helpful. She underwent stem cell therapy 3 months ago. Earlier she could not sit on her own, now with a little support to her legs she can sit up on her own. The neck control is better than before. She holds objects in ...From:neurogenbsiViews:26 0ratingsTime:06:10More inScience Technology

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Treatment for Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy - Video

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