Treatment failing for Arroyo


TREATMENT NOT WORKING. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is experiencing more intense pain and "numbness" in her neck. File photo

MANILA, Philippines - Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is not recovering from her spinal condition despite having undergone stem cell treatment and tried other remedies.

Arroyo is suffering numbness and shooting pain near her neck, she said on her official Twitter account @gmarroyo on Thursday, September 20.

The Pampanga Rep. added that her doctors have advised her to wear her neck brace for longer periods of time in order to cope with the pain, and a recent CT scan showed that her neck muscles have "atrophied" due to her spinal condition.

According to Arroyo, the pain was so intense that she was unable to attend a scheduled pictorial for the members of the House of Representatives and sent a file photo.

After the former President was granted bail by a Pasay City Court last July, she contacted alternative medicine doctor Antonia Park, who owns a wellness center in Tagaytay City, and this week Arroyo started searching for another specialist who can correct her spinal condition.

Arroyo still has physical therapy sessions 3 times a week at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center, where the Pampanga Rep. had spent 8 months in hospital arrest over electoral sabotage charges in connection with the 2007 midterm polls.

Dr. Roberto Anastacio, her physician at the Makati Medical Center, earlier said the treatment for Arroyos condition cannot be found in the Philippines.

However, the former President is prevented from traveling abroad by 3 hold departure orders issued by the courts in relation to electoral sabotage, plunder and graft cases filed against her. -

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Treatment failing for Arroyo

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