The Lives of Kell and Other Children with ASD are Changing Due to The Stem Cell Treatment They Received at the World …

The number of children diagnosed with ASD/Autism is on the rise. The good news is that thanks to the option of Autism treatment with stem cell therapy at World Stem Cells Clinic, parents are enjoying the substantial improvements they are seeing in their children with ASD/Autism.

Cancun, Mexico (PRWEB) December 24, 2012

Autism is a serious developmental problem appearing in early childhood. Before a child turns three-years-old, ASD/Autism can usually be detected. Symptoms seen and the severity of a childs Autism will vary. Autism affects the ability of a child to interact and communicate with others.

Sadly, there is not a cure for Autism, but intensive Autism treatment early on can make an enormous difference in the lives of children who have this disorder.

Children who have ASD/Autism have difficulty meeting some of the typical developmental milestones. These milestones include learning to use the washroom, as well as talking and interacting with others. Children with ASD also tend to perform repetitive body movements (stimming), which can make family outings a challenge.


The mother of a patient who received Stem Cells Treatment for Autism at the World Stem Cells Clinic details the numerous accomplishments that her son Kell continues to make following stem cell therapy.

Kells mother states that due to the stem cell therapy he received, a completely new environment exists inside Kells body. Kell is now focusing on objects and doing things that he has never done before.

Kell mastered drinking from a straw in just two days and then began drinking from a typical cup of his own accord. Kells mother states that she previously attempted to teach him this skill to no avail. She is ecstatic that he decided to complete this task on his own.

Before his stem cell therapy treatments, Kell would choose something in the store to stim with. Another common occurrence was Kell jumping around in a whirlwind of chaos. However, the most recent trip was different from those before it. Kell actually moved alongside the family while they shopped. Before his stem cell treatment, the family would drag him along and keep him from finding objects to stim with.

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The Lives of Kell and Other Children with ASD are Changing Due to The Stem Cell Treatment They Received at the World ...

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