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New Years Eve is around the corner - and if your skin is lackinglusterafter spending most of the Christmas season boozing, meet your quick-fix beauty products.

Get the glow


CharlotteTilburysFlawless Finish foundation is my skin saviour. This is my go-to for those days that I need model-worthy skin with minimal effort. I don't need to mess around with concealer since the foundation has enough coverage without looking heavy. Not only does it look amazing, but it also comes with some incredible benefits: moisture levels are boosted by 216 percent, exposure to pollutants isreduced, it's sweat-proof, humidity-proof, water-proof and transfer-resistant and comes with wrinkle-reducing qualities.


Apply it withTilburysfoundation brush for a truly naturally airbrushed finish.


If you're looking for a more in-depth reboot for your skin in 2020,AugustinusBadersrange is ano-brainer. There's an incredible amount of science that goes behind these miracle creams - ProfessorAugustinusBaderis among the worlds leading scientific minds in stem cell biology.

No wonder natural beauties like Naomi Campbell, Alexa Chung, Demi Moore and Dakota Johnson are devoted fans and the range has picked up prestigious awards. I would consider myself a skincare aficionado with over ten years in the fashion and entertainment industry, and I can assure you theres not one single skincare product I've tried that's as transformative asBadersproduct The Cream. It's an understated, refined transformation - more Frenchfashionistathan Beverley Hills housewife. Afterusing The Cream I began receiving unsolicited compliments from strangersonly a week into its use.

(The Dorchester)

If you would rather see afacialistor top up your new skin care routine with the help of an expert, dont fret - your 2020 prescription for a fresh-faced glow comes in the formAdeelaCrowns top-of-the-line facials at The Dorchester. I'm a huge fan ofmicrocurrentfacials as facial features are drastically lifted and sculpted and Crowns Supersculpt treatment harnesses this technology to impressive results. Just as wow-worthy is her signature Skincredible treatment - using a method called Skindance, which combines elements of Chineseguasha, Hungarian massage and Tanaka acupressure to shift deep-seated toxins and encourage blood flow, sculpting the facial contours. Appointments are in demand, however, usually Crown is in on Thursdays, Fridays and the first and second Saturday of each month

Wow with those brows

They say that brows frame the eyes and highlight your best features - so why wouldn't you pay them extra attention? LA brand Hourglasscreated the Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil - a clever combo of powder, wax and pencil. You are able to recreate fine brow hairs easily with the pointed tip and the flat edge is designed to subtly shade for an effect that is very natural. Use a light hand and simply set with a clear gel for brows that wow.

If you cannot be bothered fiddling with your brows almost daily, why dont you treat yourself to a more (semi-)permanent solution?DaxitaVaghelais Londons top eyebrow technician and she has tended to the brows and lashes of stars JessicaChastain,LupitaNyongo, Michelle Pfeiffer and Sandra Oh to name but a few.


Microbladingmay conjure thoughts of exaggerated slugs resting above your eyes, however,Daxitasarent your cliched Essex-brows at all - she can create the most natural and subtle effect with her experttechnique. Its almost impossible to tell which eyebrow hairs are your own and which areDaxitascreations. She also takes time to listen to what type of effect you wish to achieve and errs on the side of caution - because if you wish to go for something more dramatic this can always be added on later. This cautious and meticulous approach is why the treatment requires a total of three visits to achieve the end product. This may seem like quite the commitment, but if you spend time perfecting your brows almost daily - this really is an investment to save a lot of effort over the course of the year.

Tame that mane

When it comes to styling your own hair, it is always a battle with tangles, heat damage and lack of technique. Especially on New Years Eve, there's no time for any of that, so this is when DysonsAirWrapstyler - the Rolls Royce of hair tools - comes to the rescue. It's the closest thing to becoming your own hairstylist. In fact, it is a product loved bystylist to the stars Jen Atkin.

(Courtesy Photo)

Six years of research and development went into creating this state-of-the-art styling tool that specialises in a smooth finish without extreme heat. It all comes down to Dysons ability to manipulate airflow - something the company is well versed in. TheAirwrapcomes with six different attachments, so whether you want to bring in the New Year with voluminous curls, beach waves or a smooth and straight do - the sky is the limit and there are plenty oftutorials guiding you to achieving hair perfection all year round. It is also the lazy girls best friend; in the morning I tend to dampen the hairs framing my face and a few sections at the back and then work them using a couple sweeps with theAirwrapand - voila! Salon-fresh locks created in minutes.

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If you would prefer to try theAirWrapin person first, Dysons new Beauty Lab which is situated above the Dyson Demo Store on Oxford Street is the perfect place to experience the array of different styles that can be achieved with the near-magical tools.

(Courtesy Image)

You can book a 45-minute appointment online or try your luck with a walk-in appointment. It is a really useful way to learn how to make the most out of their hair tools with the help of professional stylists. If you do decide to take the plunge and purchase theAirWrap(and banish bad hair days in the process) you can also personalise yourAirWrapcase with your initials when purchasing it in store.

Post-party prescription

Surely not the most exciting part of your party regime, yet easily the most underrated is caring for your clothes and accessories after an epic night out. Aftercare naturally fits within the sustainability movement, as taking proper care of your clothing can lengthen their life. Contrary to popular belief, garments that lose colour or shape are often not worn out - they are either washed incorrectly or simply washed too often. Clothes that are properly maintained with the correct care will last.

(Courtesy Image)

This is why I love the compact steamers fromSteameryStockholm. I much prefer steaming to ironing as it takes up way less space (those bulky ironing boards are my worst nightmare) works on all kinds of fabrics, and the steam also reduces bad odours and removes shallow dirt. It is also super easy to bring on a weekendtrip. Steaming is also more environmentally friendly, since you dont have to wash the clothes that only need to be refreshed. The Swedish brand also offers electric fabric shavers to get rid of unsightly pilling. The companys innovative approach extends tocustomer service via an excellent discussion forum.

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In some instances, steaming might not be enough to solve all your aftercare woes - especially if your wild night resulted in some lost sequins from yourKitrimidi-dress or your suedeshoes were trampled on. This is where Hicks of Chelsea has you covered.

Hicks offers extensive repairs for shoes, clothing and accessories (including watches!) as well as very high quality, non-aggressive eco-friendly dry cleaning. They also take care of laundry and household items, offer alterations and even key cutting. Part of the Pavilion Road village inKnightsbridge, Hicks of Chelsea is every bit the chic neighbourhood dry cleaners youd expect - and more. Their ethos is to be kind to your clothing as well as the environment. There's even a complimentary collection and delivery service offered by Hicks for those living or working in London: the Hicks driver will collect items from the most convenient location for you and deliver them back, packaged and ready for safe return to your wardrobe.

The best beauty products and spa treatments for New Year's Eve parties - Evening Standard

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