Suzanne Somers Uses Novel Stem Cell Therapy During Breast …

Breast cancer strikes more than 200,000 American women each year.1

About 40,000 die from metastatic disease, leaving 160,000 women alivebut with missing or disfigured breasts.2

For most women, the principal options to reverse the mutilating impact of conventional therapy (lumpectomy or mastectomy plus radiation) are reconstructive surgery using synthetic breast implants or, for women who don't want artificial implants, surgical stripping of abdominal or back muscles which are then used to reconstruct the breast.

Both of these reconstructive procedures can involve side effects such as chronic pain and discomfort not only in the breast area, but from hernias and weakness from the donor site of the body, including muscles in the back or abdomen that are surgically removed.3-6

Seldom do any of these conventional reconstruction choices restore the desired sensation, mobility, comfort, and appearance of the original healthy breast.

There is, however, another option used by some plastic surgeons in the past called autologous fat grafting, or fat transplantation. This procedure utilizes the patient's own subcutaneous fat tissue from other regions of the body and implants it into the breast. A major concern with this kind of breast restoration is that scientific studies have failed to show clear evidence of long-term viability of the fat transplanted into the breast.7 That's why the concept of enriching transplanted fat with concentrated stem cells offers such incredible potential.

Actress Suzanne Somers was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001. She had a lumpectomy to remove the tumor, followed by intense radiation therapy.

For those who don't know, the destructive effects of surgery combined with high-dose radiation can cause severe disfigurement to breast tissues. Even breast conserving/reconstruction surgeries don't always restore and maintain post-treatment breasts anywhere near their original appearance.

Those who know Suzanne Somers understand that she does not make important medical decisions in a conventional way. Rather than submitting to traditional breast reconstructive surgery, she scoured the world to identify researchers who were using advanced techniques to improve autologous fat transplantation as a long-term restorative procedure for the breast.

Though preliminary, the results thus far have been impressive. Using an advanced technique conceived by Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura in Japan, Suzanne's American surgeon utilized a novel strategy known as Cell-Assisted Lipotransfer.8 Dr. Yoshimura's protocol utilizes autologous adipose-derived stem cells in combination with liposuction techniques.

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Suzanne Somers Uses Novel Stem Cell Therapy During Breast ...

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