Stem cells in the brain remain active and divide over months – News Landed

Stem cells are the most advanced and promising method, which could appear as a boon for the future generation. It serves as a repair system for the body, especially in adults. In general, they have the ability to renew different types of cells and can promote growth.

Scientists from the University of Zurichs Brain Research Institute found a cue stating that the mouse brain stem cell can undergo division even after months. Since now, there is no approved therapy for Alzheimers disease that results in memory loss. Eventually, the lead of the study identified that the brain cells divide in the region of the hippocampus, which is essential for learning and memory.

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This evident conclusion was made by the usage of art microscopy and single-cell RNA sequencing. Researches used such techniques and analyzed the specific population of stem cells was emerging even after months. Besides, only single-cell RNA sequencing can depict the stem cells differences with their daughter cells in the molecular characteristics and the level of expression of genes.

With this approach, they are trying to increase the division number of stem cells. Once it happened, we could develop a novel therapy for neurodegenerative diseases. The future endeavors have the ability to recreate several models that would help in the medical field enormously.

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Source: Medical Xpress

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Stem cells in the brain remain active and divide over months - News Landed

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