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For thousands of years physicians had 3 ways to treat patients; with surgery, drugs, and medical devices. These were considered the 3 pillars of medicine and society has benefited from major advances in these areas. Today, a 4th pillar of medicine, cellular based therapies or regenerative medicine is likely to dominate medical therapies in the future. Regenerative medicine uses the bodys own cells to treat diseases, repair damage, and restore structure and function.

We understand what it means to seek a good healthy quality of life and our doctors are focused on making positive differences in the lives of patients through innovative stem cell treatments and regenerative medicine treatments.

And it just so happens that you came equipped with stem cells, The Human Repair Kit and we know how to put it to work.

A 150-Year History of Autologous Treatments in Western Medicine There has not been a more powerful method in existence of healing the body than by using its own biology and chemistry. Skin grafting, which is the use of skin or a skin substitute to replace a non-healing wound, has been in existence since 800 BC. One of the earliest documented cases of attempted skin grafting occurred in India. The first successful autologous skin graft occurred in 1822.

(Information provided by Kate A. Lygoe , BSc, and Mark P. Lewis, PhD. Eastman Dental Institute, University College London)

Multiple Sclerosis Stem Cell Treatment

MS is a degenerative disease that involves the deterioration of nerve cells. Our Stem cell treatment and stem cell therapy works by resetting the patient's immune system through the use of stem cells. This Multiple Sclerosis stem cell therapy has helped patients who don't respond to typical drug treatment.

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Alzheimer's Stem Cell Treatment

In a healthy brain, there are over 100 billion nerve cells connected to extensions. With the onset of Alzheimers disease, information transfer at the synapses (the connection between the nerve cells and extensions) starts to break down, and the number of synapses decreases significantly.

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