Stem Cell Treatment Alleviated Lorna Tolentino's Back Pain


LT is noticeably more blooming these days (Publicity photo)

MANILA, Philippines As if by stroke of magic, Lorna Tolentinos back pain was eliminated after getting stem cell treatment at a hospital in Germany on July 3.

The whole process only took four days, which included a day for an interview about her health history. The second day was for the treatment itself, with Lorna receiving 10 injections. She rested on the third day and was discharged on the fourth.

In a recent interview with Bulletin Entertainment and some members of the media, Lorna enthused, Ang instant [na nawala] sa akin yung back pain talaga Kasi iba yung pakiramdam ng wala kang iniinda na sakit sa likod. Dati pag lumalakad ako, mabagal Pag lumalakad ako pinupukpok ko na tong paa ko dahil nagna-numb na yung dito (part of her legs) ko.

The back pain, she noted, was caused by scoliosis, a disorder that causes an abnormal curve of the spine, or backbone, according to

Although her aura is noticeably more bloomingwhich can perhaps be attributed to the treatmentthe Kapatid actress emphasized that it will take three months before the changes completely take effect.

Such immediate relief and the no side effects assurance apparently came with a huge price. The treatment is said to have cost P1 million. Lorna did not shell a single cent, though, with executive consultant Joey Santos shouldering the expenses.

Mabait sa akin si Lord, Lorna said.

According to Mayo Clinic, stem cell therapy, which is also known as regenerative medicine, "is the replacement of diseased, dysfunctional or injured cells with stem cells or their derivatives. It's somewhat similar to the organ transplant process but uses cells instead of organs."

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Stem Cell Treatment Alleviated Lorna Tolentino's Back Pain

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