Stem cell therapy to lead DOT’s proposed ‘medical tourism’ plan

The Department of Tourism plans to add another reason for more visitors to come to the country through a soon-to-be drafted medical tourism plan, which highlights the relatively cheap yet world-class health services some of the countrys hospitals have to offer.

In this proposed plan, DOT Secretary Ramon Jimenez aims to get the countrys medical sector to put its best foot forward by highlighting stem cell therapy as well as other areas of specialization.

Medical tourism focuses on some very serious, important areas of healthcare that the world will travel for, Jimenez said during a forum on stem cell science conducted at the Medical City hospital in Pasig City on Tuesday evening.

Through promoting world-class medical services in the country, such as some of Philippine hospitals stem cell programs, Jimenez said the DOT aims to draw foreigners into the country who, in his words, yung sasakay sila ng eroplano, tatawid sila ng dagat.

(Foreigners) would obviously spend less if they sought care in their own country like the United States or (places in) Europe. So you really have to have a value that will mitigate the cost of that travel. Your service has to be superior, greater value for their money, Jimenez said.

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Stem cell therapy to lead DOT’s proposed ‘medical tourism’ plan

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