Stem Cell Therapy for Knees: Definitive Guide [with Patient …

The stem cell procedure for the treatment of knee pain is minimally invasive, takes about 3 hours, and patients walk out of the office on their own following treatment. To start, stem cells are harvested from your abdominal or love handle fat using high tech, minimally-invasive liposuction equipment. Stem cells from your bone marrow are also utilized. The bone marrow concentrate is harvested using a specially designed, low-trauma needle which is placed into the posterior iliac crest under live x-ray guidance.

Mild IV sedation, in combination with local anesthetic, is used to provide patient comfort during the procedure. The harvested cells are then prepared for injection using an advanced separation and centrifugation process.

With the use of live x-ray guidance, the cells and growth factors are injected into the affected knee joint under sterile conditions. Dr. Brandts extensive experience with knee injections, along with the aid of the appropriate image guidance, ensures the cells are reaching their targeted area so you have the best chance for improvement.

To complement the high stem cell count achieved with the use of adipose derived stem cells, we often utilize PRP, A2M, and placental derived growth factors during our knee procedures and follow-up treatments.

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Stem Cell Therapy for Knees: Definitive Guide [with Patient ...

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