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Maintaining a Healthy Sex Life

Most men between the ages of 30 and 65 will experience some degree of erectile dysfunction.

Whether you are looking to start a family or maintain a relationship, erectile dysfunction can drive a physical and emotional wedge between you and your partner. If you are dealing with erectile dysfunction or perhapsPeyronies disease, youre not able to live your best life. According to the latest clinical research, stem cells could be the key to reclaiming your healthy sex life.

Stem cells are the most powerful healing solution, arguably, in the history of medicine.

They have the ability to form completely new and healthy tissue, and in the case of Peyronies disease patients, it can completely eliminate the plaque that causes penile curvature in the first place.

If youre tired of pumping your body with risky or ineffective medications, stem cells can provide long-term relief and help you feel like youre in your 20s again!

At HealthGAINS, we exclusively use Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC). They are unique in that they are unspecialized and have the ability to morph into any specialized cells as needed.

Mesenchymal stem cells also have a self-renewing ability in which they continuously divide to make more of the cells that they transform into.

For years, doctors have utilized the unique nature of stem cells to produce renewed, healthier tissue and organs for patients in need of serious medical relief.

All stem cells carry three properties:

These properties, when applied to an area of the body, allow for the newly introduced stem cells to take on the function of surrounding cells. This addresses the deteriorating effects of aging. When applied to the groin, stem cells provide men with these key benefits:

For those suffering from moderate to severe erectile dysfunction, stem cell therapy is a viable solution. By introducing stem cells into the body, their regenerative effects work to restore and repair the blood vessels and tissues that are preventing the ideal blood flow that creates strong and lasting erections.

With renewed blood vessels, men can achieve harder and longer erections as well as improved sensation for a reinvigorated sexual experience. Men will be able to perform better, more often and with more ability and enthusiasm.

A unique behavior of stem cells is their innate ability to seek out and remove foreign particles from the body. For those suffering from Peyronies disease, little has provided you relief from the physical and sexual discomfort that comes with the condition. However, the plaque build-up that creates the uncomfortable bend, can be removed through stem cell treatments. The stem cells will identify the plaque as an issue and eliminate it entirely and permanently from the body.

Patients can, in as little as 8 weeks, experience lasting relief from their Peyronies disease and accompanying Erectile Dysfunction. Patients can resume or experience for the first time their healthy and satisfying sex lives.

If you arent familiar with our GAINSWave therapy, it utilizes the healing effects of sound waves that are pulsed into the penis to pump up its performance by improving blood flow. The results are impeccable, long lasting and produce no side effects.

Because GAINSWave therapy and stem cell treatments are surgery-free, they can be utilized to enhance each others effects on your sex life.

These treatments work together through GAINSWave creating a stimulant that triggers the body to generate growth factors and send them to the treated area. The stem cells then come in to assist in the creation of more growth factors (proteins) as well as become the building block for more tissue. From soft tissue to new blood vessels, these two treatments work together to regenerate and reinvigorate your sexual capabilities completely.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The Mesenchymal Stem Cells we utilize are donated from the umbilical cords of healthy, full-term infants after childbirth. These cells are the healthiest and strongest version of stem cells that have been extracted for medical use.

This, combined with the fact that mesenchymal stem cells are inherently immune privilege (meaning they contain no allergies and will not react negatively with the body), gives patients peace of mind. No side effects have been found in our stem cell treatments.

Stem cells are a very powerful solution to many medical issues. If you want the most out of your sexual health treatment or you have a serious case of Erectile Dysfunction, utilizing a combination of stem cells with a GAINSWave treatment will give you the most potent healing results that modern sexual health medicine can provide.

We recommend speaking with one of our mens health specialists. Our medical experts will review your medical history, current sexual health, and overall wellness goals to develop a treatment plan tailored to you.

If you want to drastically improve your sex life through natural treatment methods, call the experts at HealthGAINS at (866) 540-3555.

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