Stem Cell Therapy: Cure For Autism?


MANILA, Philippines Parents of children with autism, or other developmental condition for that matter, go to great lengths to find a cure for their children. Even though these may not exist yet for most conditions, parents exhaust all possible means to look for ways to improve the lives of their children.

For some parents, the cost of these cures is of no question.

For instance, Janise Tang Piap immediately took charge of the situation upon learning that her son, Ethan, has autism. Janise turned to a battalion of doctors and therapists and even attended several conferences to understand her son's condition and how to improve it.

I took charge. I researched, I attended conferences. I was like a mad scientist, she recalls. Of course, the more important thing for a parent is to accept the fact that your child does have disability before you take charge.


Janise did not stop at therapies though and proceeded to do further research until she came upon stem cell therapy that are being done in South America and China. She went as far as saving the umbilical cord blood cells of her second baby who was born in 2009, thinking that someday, this could be useful in the cure for autism.

Last year, she found out about Villa Medica, a clinic in Edenkoben, Germany that specializes in stem cell treatment for various conditions such as Parkinson's disease, diabetes Mellitus and autism.

Without missing a beat, Janise decided that stem cell therapy could help Ethan and they went on with the procedure.

Today, a year after the procedures, Janise is more than happy at the results, at improvements she never dreamt of happening to her son who is now nine years old.

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Stem Cell Therapy: Cure For Autism?

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