Stem cell therapies sans FDA OK illegal

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned the public and tourists against getting stem cell therapies in the country without its approval.

FDA acting Director General Kenneth Hartigan-Go issued the advisory after it received complaints from the public and health professionals that stem cell therapies are conducted in non-health facilities, such as hotel rooms. He cautioned people from receiving stem cell preparations and therapies that were not approved by the FDA. Go said the following stem cell preparations require FDA approval: genetically altered human adult and umbilical cord stem cells; adipose or fat cells derived human stem cell; human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products that are subjected to genetic manipulation; and live animal embryonic, fetal, or adult stem cells in parental form for human administration. The FDA said it does not allow the creation, importation, promotion, marketing and use of human embryos, human embryonic stem cells and their derivatives, aborted human fetal stem cells and their derivatives for human treatment and research, as well as plant parts labeled as stem cells. (Jonathan Hicap)



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Stem cell therapies sans FDA OK illegal

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