Stem-cell research shows promise in restoring sight

Stem-cell research has always been looked at as either a path towards human cloning or a way to potentially re-create human tissue and now it appears the latter is finally starting to see some progress.

Researchers, according to The Washington Post, have found a way to make adult stem-cells grow into tissue with some urging by scientists.

This means that people suffering from diabetes could possibly have insulin-producing cells, made by scientists. People with macular degeneration would never go blind and entire organs could possibly be matched to patients in order to replace diseased ones.

According to Nature World News, the research is approaching human trials as far as treating blindness with stem-cells.

So far the results have been extremely encouraging. One patient, who had been judged legally blind, gained full eyesight again.

This is done with three drops of retinal pigment epithelium cells underneath the retina, which is detached for the procedure.

Though stem-cell research controversy seemed to be so last decade as people worried about cloning, scientists are certainly stirring up some controversy with new treatment, but may also change many lives.

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Stem-cell research shows promise in restoring sight

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