Stem Cell Quotes from Patients and Researchers

News Update Wednesday, 30 January 2013 15:32

"Now I can touch my mouth. Now I can put my finger in my ear. Now I can open my hands, I can lift them up. I can work on my computer. I can type. I can do many things with my hands."

Gabi Iordache, SCI Stem Cell Patient

What sort of gains can be had by Spinal Cord Injury patients receiving adult stem cell therapies? Let the patients tell you themselves. This month we're releasing a video containing eight StemCellsChina interviewees discussing the improvements they saw in their conditions following adult stem cell transplants.

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Patients here have all had between one and six cycles of treatment. They all had incomplete injuries. While not every patient sees the full spectrum of improvements discussed here, this video is intended to give an idea of what real patients have found through today's process.

We'd like to thank all the patients for their courage in sharing their stories with us. Most of the patients featured in this video have patient experience interviews here at StemCellsChina. If you're interested in their stories, check out our StemCellsChina SCI Channel at Vimeo.

If you'd like to learn more about options available today, send us an inquiry!

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Stem Cell Quotes from Patients and Researchers

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