Stem cell mobilization now a reality

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Stem cell therapy is the star of cutting-edge medical technology. Weve read about stem cell therapy but are confused about how it really works and why this special therapy should be considered for future use.

Every time the body is exposed to stress (i.e., a body part is injured), stem cells are automatically released to respond to the problem. Their mission is to repair and regenerate damaged cells. This is a biological event that alerts stem cells found in the blood, bone marrow adipose fat, brain, to take immediate action.

And whether one is sick (as in down with flu) or emotionally traumatized, stem cells still do their job of neutralizing and fixing the imbalances within the body.

However, when a person has a serious medical challenge, there may not be enough stem cells available to do the serious job of healing.

In short, available stem cell supply may not be effective to create a life-changing/saving impact.

The question is: How does one get enough stem cells in generous quantities to cause major healing?

There are methods used by clinics here and abroad to mobilize an army of stem cells. A chat with Dr. Samuel Bernal (tel. no. 9881000 loc. 6307/6551) proved enlightening as he said that stem cell mobilization is now no longer an impossibility, but a reality.

Daily habits matter

What you do every day can stimulate or delay stem cell activity.

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Stem cell mobilization now a reality

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