Stem Cell Injection Therapy in New York City

In many cases of spinal or joint tissue damage, even drastic surgical procedures are not enough to repair the injury and return the body to its previous state. Stem cell injection therapy is a revolutionary technique using non-controversial Adult (non-embryonic) stem cells to regenerate damaged tissue and help the body recover naturally within weeks. Dr. Damon Noto is one of the few doctors in the New York City area performing this revolutionary procedure.

Stem cells are the cells in the body from which all specialized kinds of cells such as cartilage cells, skin cells, or bone cells are derived from. Under the right conditions, the right stem cells can develop into any kind of cell that the body needs. When a person has a significant joint or spinal injury, introducing stem cells to the injured area allows the cells to form into the exact type of cells that the body needs to regenerate damaged tissue and restore function.

Stem cell injection into the knee (New York City) is a therapy that utilizes adult stem cells, which are harvested from the patient's own body in one easy procedure. Our stem cell treatments do not use controversial embryonic stem cells derived from human fetal embryonic tissue.

Your first appointment is for an evaluation where we will determine the best way to obtain the stem cells from your body. The second office visit is for extracting the stem cells, and then doing the actual injection. Dr. Noto will inject concentrated stem cells into the joint or spinal injury either using mild sedation or local anesthesia. The total procedure time usually is under 2 hours, and you will be fully awake and able to walk out of the office when finished. You will not need to stay overnight or even visit a hospital, as the treatment is performed conveniently in our office or near by surgical center. We serve New Jersey, New York City, Long Island and the surrounding areas.

The procedure involves minimal discomfort, and recovery time is minimal. Many patients begin to notice results within six to eight weeks after only one treatment. Some patients will require two to three treatments to see full results, but New York stem cell therapy can help both athletes and non-athletes return to their pre-injury condition with a minimally invasive procedure.

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Stem Cell Injection Therapy in New York City

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