Stem cell clinic offers new hope to "Milko"

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TYSON "Milko" Litfin is glad to be back home and hopeful stem-cell treatment in Germany will help repair his broken back.

As the QT reported last month, Tyson had a freak motocross crash on May 6 last year that left him paralysed from the waist down.

Desperate to walk again, the 21-year-old, from Grandchester, went to Germany to try stem-cell treatment, returning this week.

"I'm half jet lagged, I think, from the big flight but as soon as I came home I went to the gym and went to physio yesterday.

"They said I won't see any major change until the three-week mark," Tyson said yesterday.

However, he said the doctor who treated him seemed positive about his recovery.

"He said they'd never had anyone get nothing, so you'd definitely get something back. They just can't tell you what it would be," Tyson said.

"They reckon you need to give it six months and do intensive physio, gym, electronic stimulation, floating in a pool.

"He said the people who got the best results come straight back and go straight back into physio and being healthy."

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Stem cell clinic offers new hope to "Milko"

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