Stem Cell Beauty: The Online Shop Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) September 03, 2014

Stem Cell technology is the future; looking younger and better without plastic surgery is here now. Stem Cell Beautys debut product line StemLife is spearheading the current beauty renaissance. Among websites that provide stem cell beauty products, Stem Cell Beauty is in a league of its own.

Science is always advancing, why shouldn't your beauty products? questions Albert Faleski, Director of Operations at

Most products on the shelves are outdated, whereas we take a different approach to find a formula that works with your body, reinvigorating your own stem cells to provide actual results.

The science behind StemLife is nothing short of groundbreaking. Its trademarked FixT Technology was achieved through reverse engineering to understand how the body maintains and heals itself with our own endogenous combinations of adult stem cells. With this knowledge they developed a means to mimic the natural stem cell processes in our body. Unlike other beauty brands, StemLife uses specific combinations of stem cell types, each cultured under specific state-dependent conditions, using cell types and states that are ideal for the particular tissue. It then creates a set of molecules from multiple stem cell types that is complete and fully formed, rendering maximum benefit and efficiency. This approach of stem cell skin care is extremely unique.

Other leading stem cell-based beauty companies use simpler technology where one stem cell type is chosen to make their molecules. This one-size fits all approach is not efficient and lacks the complexity of StemLifes FixT technology. Some companies mash the cells without allowing their molecules to fully process, which again leads to underachieving results. Many of the largest companies have made no attempt to use new science to formulate better products, providing their customers with over-priced serums proven to be archaic.

StemLifes cutting edge formula is shaping the future of hair regrowth as well, providing an ultramodern solution to those looking to slow the hands of time. Their most popular product, The Advanced Hair Treatment for Women, is essentially the hidden gem the world has been waiting for.

Its popularity stems back to the fact that it actually works. Faleski explained.

Were not big on gimmicks. We prefer showing our customer actual people who have had actual results with our products. After seeing life-changing hair growth with their own eyes, we are confident new customers will try it and have amazing results of their own. The Advanced Hair Treatment for Women is an incredible product that sells itself.

StemLifes most interesting product to date is the Natural Lash & Brow Lash Extend. This product boasts ingredients that are formulated to generate eyelash growth. In a market where eyelash extensions have been the go-to fix for longer lashes, being able to naturally grow them is a revolutionary concept.

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Stem Cell Beauty: The Online Shop Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry

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