Second doctor's license restricted after patient's death


A Fort Myers doctor's license has been restricted for allegedly assisting Dr. Zannos Grekos in a stem cell procedure on a patient who died. Dr. Konstantine Yankopolus is restricted from performing or assisting in any stem cell procedures.

The Emergency Restriction Order alleges Yankopolus knew that Grekos' was restricted from providing any stem cell treatment, yet agreed to assist Grekos in performing a stem cell treatment.

The patient who received the alleged stem cell treatment went into cardiac arrest during the procedure at Grekos' office, then died later at the hospital.

Yankopolus is also accused of entering a false medical progress note in the patient's chart falsely indicating no stem cell preparation was infused, the ERO states.

Yankopolus prepared an addendum on March 11 that indicates the stem cell preparation was infused leading to the patient's cardiac arrest and death, according to the ERO.

Dr. Yankopolus says he would do the procedure again if he had the chance.

"He was at the tail-end of his life. We offered him an option to extend that," Dr. Yankopolus said. "We have dealt with such people in the past, and they've done well."

Yankopolus admits he knew Dr. Grekos was prohibited from performing stem cell treatments.

"I acted in good faith as a humanitarian to save this man's life. If they want to pull it for that, they may do so," Yankopolus said.

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Second doctor's license restricted after patient's death

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