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Nassau, The Bahamas The best and brightest global recently gathered in The Bahamas to discuss ways of making stem cell and regenerative health technologies available, accessible and affordable to everyone, everywhere.

Dr. Desiree Cox, Rhodes Scholar and Founder and CEO of HEALinc reflects, This event promotes research and innovation in medical technologies with the potential to help people stay healthy through their lifespan. Our presenters and sponsors delivered an immersive experience that bridged the gaps between modern regenerative medicine technologies and ancient healing arts of creativity, music, movement and breathwork.

The second annual HEALinc Future Health and Innovation Summit was hosted at the Grand Hyatt, Baha Mar Convention Center from October 2 4, 2019 with an audience of more than 200-participants. A slate of more than 50 presenters delivered thought-provoking presentations and the celebrity keynote speech was given by Dr. Joe Dispenza,an international lecturer, researcher and author who has been invited to speak in more than 33 countries on six continents. Dr. Dispenza challenged the audience to rewire the brains and recondition their bodies to make lasting life changes.

Dr. Steven Greco, Chief Scientific Officer of the Houston Healthspan Innovation Group said, Regenerative medicine and immune restoration treatments provide safe, accessible options for patients. Houston Healthspan was pleased to share some of the exciting pilot data related to orthopedic and neurological treatments delivered at Okyanos. Through our participation and the sponsorship of the Bosarge Family Foundation, we were able to collaborate on this Summit because of our shared commitment to HEALinc., and to The Bahamas.

Dr. Joshua Hare, Professor of Medicine at University of Miami and Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Longeveron, presented important scientific data from Longeverons multiple FDA authorized stem cell trials in the US as well as the 60+ patients treated in The Bahamas in Longeverons approved open Registry for aging and musculoskeletal related disorders.Dr. Todd McAllister, CEO of Fountain Therapeutics scheduled to begin operations in Bimini was a keynote speaker at the Summit along with Dr. Robert Hariri, Founder and President of Celularity, and one of the angel investors of Fountain Therapeutics along with Peter Diamandis and Tony Robbins. Dr. Hariri says, This Summit is an ideal environment to engage in conversations that affirm our commitment to harnessing the powerful biology of the placenta to treat cancer, immunological and degenerative diseases and we commend Dr. Cox for her leadership in this regard.

Dr. Cox says, As we grow, we anticipate hosting events in the United States that provide a space for more individuals to showcase products and services that will allow more persons to live longer, healthier and happier lives because of the integration of modern and ancient regenerative health technologies.

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Second annual Regenerative Medicine summit proves big win for The Bahamas - EyeWitness News

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