RBCC and n3D Aim to Help Bring Stem Cell Treatments to Market Faster


As global demand for innovative new stem-cell therapies grows by the day, Rainbow BioSciences (OTCBB:RBCC.OB – News) new agreement with n3D Biosciences could help to bring these therapies to market faster than ever before.

Stem cell therapies are becoming increasingly important to healthcare advancement around the world. Rising care delivery costs, worldwide population aging, and potential physician shortages are only three of the issues facing world healthcare providers. The cost to bring a new drug to market has soared to $1.3 billion, and there are now half as many drugs seeking approval as there were 15 years ago.

Rising costs and potential shortages have led to a boom in demand for stem cell therapies. These advanced treatments could soon help to ease costs and provide effective disease treatment, potentially improving patient outcomes and reducing health care costs. For that to happen, however, real challenges must be overcome. Translation of these therapies from the lab to the clinic is slow, and widespread implementation could be a decade away or more.

Thanks to n3Ds Bio-Assembler technology, however, the development timeline for many stem cell therapies could potentially be shortened significantly. The Bio-Assembler enables researchers to culture cells in three dimensions faster and more easily than ever before, streamlining testing and research.

On Thursday, RBCC announced the acquisition of an equity interest in n3D, a fully commercialized company with plans to sell the ground-breaking Bio-Assembler to labs and researchers all over the world. RBCC expects n3Ds value to grow considerably as word spreads about the game-changing technology.

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RBCC and n3D Aim to Help Bring Stem Cell Treatments to Market Faster