Promising Stem Cell Research Driving Industry's Growth in 2012

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Nov 8, 2012) - Stem cell stocks have been gaining popularity among investors in 2012 as new and promising research continues to propel the industry forward. A study performed earlier this year at Johns Hopkins University has shown that stem cells from patients' own cardiac tissue can be used to heal scarred tissue after a heart attack. Five Star Equities examines the outlook for companies in the Biotechnology Industry and provides equity research on Aastrom Biosciences, Inc. ( NASDAQ : ASTM ) and Neostem Inc. ( NYSE : NBS ).

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A more recent study, also conducted at Johns Hopkins University, has showed that stem cells donated by strangers were as safe and as effective as the patient's own cells in repairing heart tissue. This is a key advancement for the treatment of heart attack with stem cells, as this possibly means stem cells could be stored for use just as blood is now.

"You could have the cells ready to go in the blood bank so when the patient comes in for a therapy -- there's no delay," said Dr. Joshua Hare of the University of Miami. "It's also cheaper to make the donor cells," as marrow from a single donor could provide enough cells for the treatment of up to 10 people.

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Aastrom Biosciences is a leader in the development of patient-specific multicellular therapies for the treatment of severe, chronic cardiovascular diseases. Stem cell therapy is the infusion, injection or transplantation of whole cells into a patient for the treatment of a disease or condition.

NeoStem is a provider of adult stem cell collection, processing and storage services in the United States, enabling healthy individuals to donate and store their stem cells for personal therapeutic use. In addition, the company collects and stores cord blood cells of newborns which help to ensure a supply of autologous stem cells for the child should they be needed for future medical treatment.

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Promising Stem Cell Research Driving Industry's Growth in 2012

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