Preclinical Data Indicating Allocetra-OTS As Potential Therapy For Prevention Of Organ Failure And Mortality Associated with Severe Sepsis Selected…

Nes-Ziona, Israel, Oct. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd. (Nasdaq:ENLV), a clinical-stage immunotherapy company, today announced today that the European and Int'l Shock Societies selected, for an oral presentation, Pathogen- and damage-associated molecular patterns are immune modified by apoptotic cell adjuvant therapy for acute sepsis in a cecal ligation and puncture mice model, and avoids multi-organ failure and improves survival to be presented at the XVIIIth Congress of the European Shock Society and IXth Congress of the Int'l Federation of Shock Societies, on October 11, 2019, 11:40am, held at the Avra Imperial Hotel & Conference Center, Chania, Crete, Greece.

The presentation details results of preclinical studies, which were designed to evaluate the effect of Allocetra-OTS immunotherapy on subjects with highly-severe sepsis. The data showed ten-fold (10x) increased survival for study subjects who were treated with Allocetra-OTS therapy and antibiotics and fluids, as compared to subjects treated solely with antibiotics and fluids. Specifically, the levels of cytokine storms and organ failures were dramatically lower in the Allocetra-OTS group, leading to improved survival.

Enlivex previously reported positive interim safety and tolerability of Allocetra-OTS in six patients with severe sepsis as part of an ongoing Phase Ib clinical trial. These interim safety results, taken together with the efficacy profile of improved survival and reduced cytokine storms and organ damage, present Allocetra-OTS as a potential candidate to become the first therapy ever to be approved for severe sepsis, stated Dror Mevorach, M.D., Chief Scientific and Medical Officer of Enlivex.

The XVIIIth Congress of the European Shock Society and IXth Congress of the Int'l Federation of Shock Societies is focused on hot topic key notesprovided by world-known experts. Current topics with focus on trauma/hemorrhagic shock/sepsis discussed during the conference include immune and organ responses, novel pathways, trauma modelling, comorbidities, novel therapies, long term effects, precision modeling, international shock research.

ALLOCETRATMby Enlivex was designed toprovide a novel immunotherapy mechanism of actionthat targets life-threatening clinical indications that are defined as unmet medical needs, includingprevention or treatment of complications associated with bone marrow transplantations (BMT) and/or hematopoietic stem cell transplantations (HSCT); organ dysfunction and acute multiple organ failure associated with sepsis; and enablement of an effective treatment of solid tumors via immune checkpoint rebalancing.

ABOUT ENLIVEXEnlivex is a clinical stage immunotherapy company, developing an allogeneic drug pipeline for immune system rebalancing. Immune system rebalancing is critical for the treatment of life-threatening immune and inflammatory conditions which involve an out of control immune system (e.g. Cytokine Release Syndrome) and for which there are no approved treatments (unmet medical needs), as well as solid tumors immune-checkpoint rebalancing. For more information, visit


The primary objective of the European Shock Society is to advance understanding of the pathophysiology and to improve treatment of shock, trauma and sepsis and/or allied disciplines. For more information, visit

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Preclinical Data Indicating Allocetra-OTS As Potential Therapy For Prevention Of Organ Failure And Mortality Associated with Severe Sepsis Selected...

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