Patient's husband testifies in stem cell doctor's hearing

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla - A controversial stem cell doctor is fighting for his medical license in Collier County court.

Two of Dr. Zannos Grekos' patient who underwent experimental stem cell procedures died and as part of his defense, his attorney's say, family members of those patients could have done more to save their lives.

This week long hearing focuses on a 69 year old patient of Dr. Grekos who died in 2010. For the first time Tuesday that woman's husband talked about her experimental procedure, but he also describes her untimely death hours after receiving a stem cell treatment.

In March of 2010, Dr. Zannos Grekos preformed a cerebral angiogram and experimental stem cell procedure on a 69 year old woman, but as soon as she got home, her husband Jack says things go scary as his wife's condition took a turn for the worst.

"I thought she had a stroke, but I didn't know, I'm not a doctor," says Jack while testifying Tuesday. "But, there was nothing there, she was just blank."

Jack told the courtroom his wife went to Dr. Grekos' practice Regenocyte in Bonita Springs to cure a walking disability that occurred from breast cancer treatments. They were told by Dr. Grekos, worst case, it wouldn't work, but Tuesday he described the moments leading up to his wife's death.

"They told me she would be fine by the morning. I just kept an eye on her. Then, after she vomited and it was real bad. Then I called 911."

In cross examination Dr. Grekos' attorney, Richard Ozelie, referred to a deposition that describes how Jack's wife hit her head on the floor. According to a state report the patient suffered a severe brain stem injury. But, today in court Jack said his wife didn't fall, but slid out of a reclining chair.

Ozelie asks Jack, "Is it your testimony that your wife did not fall?"

"That's right, she did not fall, she couldn't even get up," says Jack.

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Patient's husband testifies in stem cell doctor's hearing

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