New Development in Stem Cell Treatment

Physicians and researchers have used Hematopoietic Stem Cell Therapgy for more than 50 years to treat many diseases according to the National Institutes of Health. You ask, "What is Hematopoietic Stem Cell? The National Institutes of Health states it is a stem cell that is isolated from the blood or bone marrow and it can renew itself. Cells have long term and short term replicating ability. The classic source of these cells is through bone marrow. I recall a friend of mine dying at a young age, while waiting for a bone marrow transplant. It is sad to hear of those unable to find a donor while they wait for a transplant.

Have you ever asked, "Where do you find stem cells?" Well, they can come from several places such as bone marrow, the bloodstream, or the umbilical cord after it has been detached from the baby. Stem cells for transplant can come from your own body or from a donor's body. If they come from your body, they are generally taken and frozen before chemotherapy and radiation. This type of transplant is called autologous transplant. Then after chemotherapy and radiation treatment they are put back in your body to increase the number of good cells. If the transplant is from a donor, there must be testing to be sure of a perfect match.

Stem Cell Studies

Did you know there may be a stem cell treatment for the cure of baldness? If the clinical trials are successful, women can benefit from this as well as men. This new approach could increase the hair follicles. It would require fewer hair cells to grow in a lab culture, then the multiplied cells would be transplanted back into the bald or thinning hair area. Sounds like a plan to me.

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New Development in Stem Cell Treatment

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