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By Dr. John C. Haasis III, M.D

Daisy Stem Cell Therapy

Your body is an amazing feat of engineering. Many complex physical, chemical, and neurological processes all work together to make you who you are. Too much medicine today focuses on treating a symptom rather than solving a problem. Regenerative therapies are a spectrum of cutting edge therapeutic techniques used to naturally treat and heal the cause of a painful condition rather than masking the symptom. Therapies such as the ones listed below stimulate and accelerate your own bodys natural ability to heal itself.

Stem Cells

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells, which allow them to develop into another type of cell that is required to repair or replace damaged tissue. Stem cell therapy can repair tissues that are too damaged to heal on their own. Stem cells can stimulate the formation of cartilage, tendon, ligaments, bone and fibrous connective tissues.

Allograft Tissues

A purified amniotic source that contains a healing matrix of cytokines, growth factors, and proteins that helps to rejuvenate and heal damaged tissue can be used via injection.


Exosomes are extracellular vesicles which can be used alone or in combination with stem cell therapy to speed up healing. Exosome therapy can be injected into the affected area for orthopedic injuries, used in aesthetic procedures for cosmetic enhancement or given intravenously for anti-aging.


Platelet rich plasm (PRP) therapy utilizes platelets taken from the patients own blood to rebuild damaged tendons and cartilage. Platelets normally circulated within the blood stream and are responsible for blood clotting and initiating a healing response in an acute injury. Many acute injuries do not heal adequately and can lead to chronic pain and loss of function of the injured area. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy allows us to harvest the patients own platelets and re-inject those platelets into sites of injury to initiate healing and improvement of function.


All procedures are performed under the guidance of ultrasound or a fluoroscopy unit to maximize results. We have incorporated the latest innovations in equipment, supplies, and protocols to optimize outcomes. In addition, we have partnered with leaders in the field, with proven track records, to provide the very best stem therapy products to our patients.

Dr. John C. Haasis III, M.D., is Medical Director and Founder of Daisy Stem Cell Therapy and Advanced Regenerative Medicine Centers of the Carolinas. With over 25 years of comprehensive and interventional pain management experience, Dr. Haasis has treated thousands of patients in our region.

Dr. Haasis received his undergraduate degree in Biology from Pennsylvania State University was accepted into a Ph.D. program at Temple University where he studied molecular biology. He received his medical degree from the Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1992, followed by Anesthesia and Pain management training at Duke University Medical Center. He currently enjoys a thriving practice with six office locations in NC and SC. Over the years, he and his staff have made it their mission to help people manage their pain and improve function so that they can enjoy life again.

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