Murphy’s Story: Stem cell therapy at Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital

Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital has been offering stem cell therapy treatment since 2010. We are now proud to announce the addition of Dr. Spencer Silvers to our veterinarians certified to perform this innovative procedure.

Chronic pain can lead to a significant decrease in your pets quality of life over time. Often, this pain can be managed through medications, dietary supplements, and/or physical therapy. However, in cases where these methods are not possible or the pet is unresponsive, stem cell therapy is a highly recommended alternative.

Owners are looking for a different approach to helping ease their pets pain and Vet-Stem Cell therapy is a new answer for some animals.

Vet-Stem Cell therapy is a procedure that uses an animals own stem cells to promote regeneration of new cells in the damaged tissue. It can be used in cases of arthritis in the knee, hip, and elbow. It can also be used in repairing partial ligament tears or to strengthen surgical repair of complete ligament tears.

The technology used in Vet-Stem Cell therapy has been commercially available since 2003. Eighty percent of dogs will have improvement after the Vet-Stem regenerative cells are implanted. Improvement can range from mild to dramatic. After Stem cell therapy, it is common for dogs to be able to either decrease their use of Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs or discontinue use completely.

Stem cell therapy in animals has no connection to the controversy sparked by the use of embryonic stem cells as in humans. The therapy uses your own animals natural healing cells, similar to the way human adult stem cells are used in bone marrow transplants.

Murphy, a beautiful four year old black Laborador Retriever, was introduced to Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital about five months ago with torn cruciate ligaments in both knees as well as hip dysplasia.

To manage her chronic pain and to improve her quality of life, BVH performed a surgical repair of the ligament and injected her own isolated stem cells from her fat tissue into all of her painful joints on March 21, 2013. Her recovery was remarkable and you can continue to follow her story on our Facebook page.

For more success stories or to learn more about stem cell therapy, please contact Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital at 908-704-6700 or visit us at and

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Murphy’s Story: Stem cell therapy at Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital

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