MEP fights European proposal to restrict stem cell research

Andrew Duff, MEP

Proposals to restrict stem cell research have been opposed by a Cambridge-based MEP.

Liberal Democrat Andrew Duff voted against a report in the European Parliament which he said would result in stricter requirements on voluntary and unpaid donations of tissues and cells for medical research.

Afterwards, he said: The report swings the debate on stem cell research in the wrong direction, allowing individual EU member states to stop important medical science in its tracks.

It is unhelpful to call for further restrictions on the donation of tissues and cells in the EU at a time when the number of patients in need of treatment based on stem cells is growing exponentially.

The report was drawn up by a Conservative MEP.

Mr Duff added: Cambridge is a world leader on life sciences. The European Parliaments restrictive conservative philosophy usually driven by ill-judged ethical motives puts our research centres at risk and could drive away high quality science abroad, for example to India.

Regenerative medicine relies on a steady supply of stem cells.

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MEP fights European proposal to restrict stem cell research

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