MD Stem Cells Announces First Eye Patient Treated With Stem Cells in Florida Using New Technique

MD Stem Cells is pleased to announce the first treatment in the United States of a patient with eye disease using the new injection technique for stem cells they helped pioneer. Dr Steven Levy, President of MD Stem Cells,, indicated the procedure went very smoothly. The patient is anticipating a positive response within the next few months.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) November 14, 2012

"We have helped a number of eye patients utilize Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells or BMSC for retinal and optic nerve diseases and have observed macular degeneration, myopic degeneration, hereditary retinopathies, optic nerve and glaucoma patients, among others, have visual improvements following treatment. Our retinal surgeon has used both subretinal surgery and different injection techniques in the past for the placement of BMSC in ocular disease. We collaboratively developed a dual injection technique that we believe takes advantage of the recently identified active vascular expulsion mechanism of cell transmigration and are very excited about our ability to deliver the BMSC to the RPE, retina and optic nerve. Dr Levy mentioned that the new technique has already been used by the retinal surgeon for a number of patients in Europe and after careful preparation is now being performed in the United States.

It was a worthwhile effort to arrange for the board certified physicians and operating rooms for the new procedure to be performed in the United States. We are extremely pleased to see this high level of adult stem cell treatment come to Florida.

The Europeans have had extensive experience using BMSC in a number of different diseases and believe their effectiveness to be significantly superior to adipose derived stem cells. It is their preferred source of adult stem cells. Certainly patients with ophthalmology disease have been treated with BMSC successfully.

The new dual injection approach appears to be resulting in a faster and more vigorous response for the eye patients exclaimed Dr Levy. The retinal surgeon has been surprised regarding the tissue regrowth and rapidity of visual improvement in several patients.

With respect to BMSC, better outcomes may depend on how well the health and viability of the stem cells is maintained as well as the quality of the surgery in placing the cells. With the MD Stem Cell providers, the autologous BMSC come directly from the patient themselves, undergo minimal manipulation during the isolation process and never leave the operating room so they can be reinjected almost immediately.

This delicate approach, coupled with the precise dual placement our experienced retinal surgeon provides, may be the explanation for the results we are seeing. Most ophthalmology patients will have a stem cell procedure only once and it makes sense to choose an approach that will give the best opportunity for improvement, opined Dr Levy.

Dr Levy indicated this particular patient suffered from optic nerve disease and that other scheduled patients will include AMD or macular degeneration, myopic degeneration and other diseases of the retina and optic nerve that can be expected to potentially benefit. We believe strongly that regenerative medicine is evolving and will expand in many directions over the next few years. We are excited to help bring access to this advanced stem cell technology to the USA for ophthalmology.

MD Stem Cells is a practice management and development organization working closely with adult stem cell providers globally. Inquires may be made directly to stevenlevy(at)mdstemcells(dot)com or visit our website

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MD Stem Cells Announces First Eye Patient Treated With Stem Cells in Florida Using New Technique

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