Looking for a cure with stem cells

Medical science has progressed by leaps and bounds with the advent of stem cell therapy. Stem cell is a generic cell that has the potential to become many types of specialised cells for the treatment of a wide range of diseases.

In stem cell treatment, the damaged tissues of the diseased part are replaced by new adult cells. Stem cells have the potential to divide and grow into multiple tissues and regenerate natural organs.

Stem cell therapy is the new realm of regenerative medicine for Diabetes Type 1, wound healing, Parkinson's, spinal cord injury, MI, MS, and many other terminal conditions.

Who can become a Stem Cell Therapist?

From a chief scientific officer to a lab assistant, opportunities are many for medical and non-medical students. There is a prevalent misconception that only medical professionals can become a stem cell therapist. In fact, stem cells cover a lot of ground, from molecular biology and biotechnology to cell transplantation and therapy. It means that people can come into stem cell biology from more or less any field. Candidates skilled in imaging are also eligible to become stem cells researchers or therapists.

As there is always need for more tools, an electrical engineer with knowledge of biology could also develop tools for in vitro or in vivo analysis of stem cells. But he should also have a complete understanding of cellular and molecular biology.

This emerging branch of biomedicine needs quality and trained manpower. Therefore, there is plenty of room for trained scientists.

Despite the specialisation, stem cell research requires the basics, as well. Therefore a stem cell therapist needs to have core knowledge of cellular and molecular biology understanding the lab techniques and the analytical approaches.

Multiple career option

Students have the option of pursuing courses such as M.Sc. in biotechnology, biochemistry, genetics, zoology, biophysics, microbiology and life sciences and M.Sc. regenerative. After completing the degree course, they have various options of quality check, research and development, production, clinical research, supply chain and human resources besides finance and other administrative functions.

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Looking for a cure with stem cells

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