Leading Stem Cell Clinic in California, TeleHealth, Now Offering 3 Different Stem Cell Therapy Treatments

Orange County, CA (PRWEB) September 23, 2013

The leading regenerative medicine clinic on the West Coast, TeleHealth, is now offering three different types of stem cell therapy injections. The California stem cell treatments are predominantly covered by insurance, and performed by Board Certified stem cell doctors. For more information and scheduling, call (888) 828-4575.

The stem cell treatments are excellent for joint arthritis, tendonitis, ligament injuries, and spinal arthritis along with degenerative disc disease. Initial research with small studies has shown regenerative medicine treatments are working well for degenerative conditions, such as the recent study out of the Hospital for Special Surgery.

One of the treatments offered is bone marrow derived stem cell injections. These are outpatient procedures that involve harvesting the patient's own bone marrow, processing it, and injecting into the area of concern at the same setting. These bone marrow stem cell injections have very low risk and the potential for helping regenerate damaged cartilage and soft tissue from such conditions as achilles tendonitis, rotator cuff tendonitis and tennis elbow.

The second procedure offered is platelet rich plasma therapy. This procedure involves a simple blood draw from the patient, and the blood is centrifuged for approximately 15 minutes. This separates the blood into concentrated platelets and growth factors, which are then injected into the problem area. This material then calls in the body's stem cells to facilitate further repair. At times PRP is used in conjunction with bone marrow derived stem cell injections.

The third procedure utilized is fat derived stem cell injections, which has the same indications as bone marrow derived.

TeleHealth sees patients from a broad area of the west coast and offers Board Certified doctors providing treatment. To seek treatment with the premier stem cell therapy clinic, call (888) 828-4575.

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Leading Stem Cell Clinic in California, TeleHealth, Now Offering 3 Different Stem Cell Therapy Treatments

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