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Owen Buell of Joliet spent his second birthday with his family after all.

In a Facebook message late Monday night, his great-grandmother Jackie Moore of Florida said Owens oncologist wound up giving Owen a day pass.”‘

Owen was supposed to be discharged from the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Childrens Hospital of Chicago on Monday but that was delayed due to the riots, Moore said.

He got his little party right before the storm blew through, Moore said. Better late than never.

Owen returned to the hospital on Tuesday morning where he was officially discharged. Moore said.

In February, Owen was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma, a type of cancer most commonly found in children age 5 or younger.

Before the cancer was diagnosed, Owen had stopped eating and drinking and began screaming and crying inconsolably.

His right eye looked bruised and was drooping; his abdomen had swollen to nearly double in size.

Since then, Owen’s had chemotherapy and the first of two stem cell transplants.

He’s also had a feeding tube, numerous ports, bone marrow tests, stem cell extractions, major abdominal surgery, according to The Help for Baby Owen Buell and his Family Facebook page, which Moore moderates.

“Throughout all of these frightening medical treatments, he has smiled and wanted to give loves to everyone,” his GoFundMe page said.

Owen had spent the last week or so at a Ronald McDonald House in Chicago so he could be near the hospital, Moore said.

“I was so happy at how good they took care of him there,” Moore said of Ronald McDonald House.

Although Moore was not able to fly to Illinois for Owen’s birthday celebration, she did ship a 3-foot-tall stuffed llama to Owens home to because Owen really likes llamas, she said.

He had some really nice gifts, including the llama, but he was most interested in a bottle of bubbles from the dollar store, Moore wrote. Go figure.

In a few weeks, Owen will resume his cancer treatments in preparation for a second stem cell transplant, Moore said.

The goal of the transplant is to make his bones more receptive to the chemo and possibly have him go into remission, according to the Help for Baby Owen Buell and his Family Facebook page.

The medical bills for Owen’s care are now over $1 million, according to the

“Help for baby Owen Buell and his Family”GoFundMe page at

Visit the “Help for Baby Owen Buell and His Family” Facebook page for updates and detailed instructions on other ways to help the family.

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