How the rich try to buy eternal youth

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) The best kind of anti-aging treatment is inside ones own body, and the rich are taking advantage of it, exploring the latest research in new technologies, genome mapping and stem cell treatments.

Among them is Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison, a large investor of the Ellison Medical Foundation, which supports research exploring the biology that underlies aging and age-related diseases. And theres billionaire Peter Nygrd, who says he wants to live forever (or die trying), and has suggested hes found the keys to immortality in stem cell research.

Some doctors agree that stem cells are a key part of chasing youth.

If youre a wealthy guy and havent stored your stem cells, I think youre a total idiot, said Dr. Lionel Bissoon, a New York City physician who sees a number of stressed out, wealthy patients.

They usually come to him with similar problems: Fatigue, belly fat, erectile dysfunction, tiring very quickly all very common with my patients from Wall Street, Bissoon said. The short-term solution to those ailments, he says, is testosterone replacement which is relatively affordable at a few hundred dollars a pop and IV nutrition.

For the long term he recommends stem cell storage, which works as a sort of rainy day insurance. The cells are extracted, preferably when the patient is on the younger side around 30 is said to be a good age and can then be used to boost an immune system or help to rebuild damaged organs later.

Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj stores cells at his South Florida Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant Institute in Boynton Beach, Fla.

People are looking and finding ways to be able to help them to live longer to spend the money theyve earned, he said. They spend their retirement going doctor to doctor, and if we can find ways to prevent that it would be good. His clinic sees executives under a lot of stress, a fast way to damage any immune system.

He agrees that its important to store cells before they become irreparably damaged. To collect and store stem cells at his clinic costs $15,000 for the initial extraction, which includes a year of storage. After that, storage costs $50 per month.

Stem cells arent the only high-end solution.

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How the rich try to buy eternal youth

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