How stem cells increase libido and enhance looks

Stem cell therapy results in dramatic decrease in blood sugar, improved sleep, increased energy levels and shoulder mobility, and improved libido. But StemGenics says patients must be tested first if theyre up to it By Marge C. Enriquez Philippine Daily Inquirer

OPERATION room maintains hospital standards.

Sam Fernandez (not his real name), a businessman in his late 50s, who underwent stem cell treatment, excitedly called his doctor, about its immediate effects. Although the benefits were supposed to be visible six to eight weeks after the procedure, the patient felt like a young man again in six days.

His doctor gave him intravenous therapy, directly injecting stem cell on the shoulder to address the chronic pains and the penis for erectile dysfunction. Aside from the dramatic decrease in blood sugar, improved sleep, increased energy levels and shoulder mobility, the patient reported increased libido. He claimed he was getting woody (slang for erection) every day that his wife couldnt keep up with him.

As the age management medicine trend, there are many hospitals and aesthetic centers offering stem cell treatment at the average price of P1.2 to P1.4 million. Accredited by the Department of Health, StemGenics not only offers medical technology that is unique to the clinic but also procedures at a reasonable price range of P500,000.

Repairing tissues

Dr. Eduardo Santos, president of StemGenics, said that stem cell therapy is just one of the three aims of a health program: There is repair, maintain and defend, he said.

He explained: Maintenance is a function of exercise, nutritional supplement and hormone support. Defense is a function of guarding the body against cancer and infection. You boost the immune system. The repair is the stem cell procedure, our anchor service. The stem cell regenerates the tissues. You reintegrate the organs which need to be repaired.

Stem cells used for repair are found in the bone marrow, blood, fat or adipose tissues and in other parts of the body. These cells are stimulated upon getting alerts on injury or inflammation. Their task is to precipitate the healing process when the body is injured. They send proteins to control the inflammation and refresh new cells, and engage new growth proteins. These cells are exchanging regenerative signals within the environment.

After birth, we have 80 to 100 million stem cells, said Santos. Over time, they decrease. By mid-30s, the count is down to 25 million. You wont have enough to heal as fast as you were younger. That is when aging happens. That is why disease associated with aging comes inheart conditions, dementia, decreased function of kidney and liver.

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How stem cells increase libido and enhance looks

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